Saturday Night Showcase: Virtua Fighter (the anime)

BW Media Spotlight

I was going to go with an indie production for this week’s Showcase but I was so confused what was going on I couldn’t even finish it. So instead I went back to TMS’s official anime channel on YouTube for one my favorite anime I never see mentioned, even when I look for it on fan sites for the game. Virtua Fighter is an arcade fighting game series created by SEGA. Fighting games usually don’t have a lot of story besides the backstory so it’s open territory for making a story around. In the past I used it for a Friday Night Fight and it’s another comic I could have sworn I reviewed for “Yesterday’s” Comic but apparently I haven’t. It’s a good comic and I wish it had gotten to full series.

However, finding information on the Virtua Fighter anime in the past has been a struggle just to…

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