Lets talk about Street Fighter

Conflicting Views

Just… for no apparent reason. I don’t really have anything else on my mind, and for some strange reason, I decided to get the SF Anniversary collection on PS4. This… isn’t really good collection. Everything is an arcade rom, and there’s no DIP switches. So for Turd Strike, I get the shitty original sound track instead of the Dreamcast arranged music. And the crappy Alpha 3 with Mike Bison locked behind a cheatcode.

Seems like a random buying choice as one, I’ve made it clear that I despise Street Fighter, and I’m trying to get away from fighting games due to the content being locked behind greed.

But I’m having withdrawals!

I figured hell, a bunch of roms won’t give me that bullshit. And…. if I’m being honest, there was a point in time where I was indeed a fan of Street Fighter. Not a huge one, mind you.


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Fighting Games are F@$#ing Hard

Frostilyte Writes

Of all the genres fighting games are the one that I find the most impenetrable. And I don’t think I can put into words how irritating I find that. I’ll never claim to be great at games, but I usually have an idea of what I’m doing within a couple hours of playing something new. From there I can learn, adapt, and evolve. With fighting games though? It doesn’t seem to matter how much time I spend with the genre I never seem to learn.

“But Frosti”, you ask, “Why do you even care?”

Well I’ll tell you why I care.

Travel back in time with me to when I was a little Frostilyte. I was over at a friend’s house and there was four of us, so he busted out Super Smash Bros. This game blew my mind. It was a game with all of Nintendo’s most iconic…

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Review: Street Fighter-Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

spiderslash- Expect nothing, and even less.


Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise is a series that I hold near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a toddler the series has stuck with me and has remained a constant source of entertainment throughout my life. Even though I never fully grasped how to play the games until Street Fighter IV (Yes, I’m technically an 08’er) I always had fun just button mashing my way through the games and seeing what kind of wacky character I’ll run into next. The series is so ingrained into me that Ryu, one of the blandest looking characters to ever grace video games, has become one of my absolute favorites and a consistent main of mine in nearly every mainline entry. Street Fighter is one of gaming’s most everlasting and memorable franchises and I think that’s incredibly impressive considering that its first entry was an absolute travesty.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2020-02-19 18-05-53 Still a damn good…

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[Happy Birthday!] Tekken

I ❤ Old Games!

In a market, that of beat ’em ups, that first saw the dominance of Street fighter and then the success of Mortal Kombat, in the mid 90s rose another competitor, Tekken, which officially debuted 25 years ago in the arcades, on December 9th, 1994. It was one of the first fully-3D franchises together with Virtua Fighter and immediately impose itself as the reference point for beat ’em ups on the PlayStation.

In un mercato, quello dei picchiaduro a incontri, che aveva visto prima il predominio di Street Fighter e poi il successo di Mortal Kombat, si inserì a metà degli anni ’90 un nuovo competitor, Tekken, che debuttò ufficialmente 25 anni fa nel mercato arcade, il 9 Dicembre, 1994. Fu uno dei primi franchise completamente in 3D già dal primo capitolo assieme a Virtua Fighter e si impose da subito su PlayStation come picchiaduro di riferimento.

Follow I ❤ Old…

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Saturday Night Showcase: Virtua Fighter (the anime)

BW Media Spotlight

I was going to go with an indie production for this week’s Showcase but I was so confused what was going on I couldn’t even finish it. So instead I went back to TMS’s official anime channel on YouTube for one my favorite anime I never see mentioned, even when I look for it on fan sites for the game. Virtua Fighter is an arcade fighting game series created by SEGA. Fighting games usually don’t have a lot of story besides the backstory so it’s open territory for making a story around. In the past I used it for a Friday Night Fight and it’s another comic I could have sworn I reviewed for “Yesterday’s” Comic but apparently I haven’t. It’s a good comic and I wish it had gotten to full series.

However, finding information on the Virtua Fighter anime in the past has been a struggle just to…

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Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate today

My Nintendo News


Get ready, the king of fighters has arrived! For the first time ever, The Legendary Wolf, Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY series, enters the battle as a playable fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game for the Nintendo Switch system. In a new video, Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, showcased Terry Bogard in action and unveiled the King of Fighters Stadium stage and 50 music tracks from an assortment of SNK titles, all coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today. All of this new content will be available to players who own theSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass or purchase Challenger Pack 4 separately.* To view the video in its entirety, visit https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/.

“By featuring an iconic fighting game character like Terry Bogard, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate expands its legacy as the quintessential love letter to the past and future of gaming,”…

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Review: The King of Fighters XIII

Gold-Plated Games

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I love the King of Fighters series. It’s a love borne more out of what they’ve accomplished than the actual games, though, as I came to the series through Capcom vs. SNK and even now have played few of the iconic fighters themselves. But quality fighting games tend to age better than most genres, leaving me plenty of time to break back into the series. XIII is hardly the best place to start in terms of story or mechanics, but it’s a very rewarding one if you can hang with it. Solid presentation, incredible combat depth, and some of the finest pixel art in gaming await those willing to sink the time into this unlikely classic.


The King of Fighters tournament is an annual event ostensibly held to crown the strongest martial artist in the world. However, it has a tendency to…

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