Cebuano/Visayan Gods and Goddesses


The Cebuano/ Visayan Mythology

We are really familiar of the Greek and Roman Mythology. What about our own culture. Do you know what are those Gods and Goddesses in our country? Specially in Cebu, the cradle of Philippine History as I consider it. The Queen City of the South, there were lots of hidden mysteries that was in the history of Cebu.

Actually the mythology in the Province of Cebu is connected to the other province in the entire region. Even if the country is an archipelago. I was so amaze that this is a nice topic just to know what, where, when and how does this province was being mold.

Most of this were being called the Diwata and the Encanto. Diwata is the female while the Encanto is the male one. A diwata or an encantado that has a royal blood is called Sang’gre, which can be…

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