What if Turkey’s Ataturk Didn’t Exist? What If Turkey Lost Its War for Independence After Fall of Ottomans?

Teaching History's Slender Threads, Including 'What Ifs', Almosts, Alternatives and Turning Points


Map of (imaginary) partitioned Turkey and the new nation of Kurdistan, courtesy of Lehnaru, who wrote: “Another alternate history map! The Ottoman Empire loses even more badly in WW1 and completely falls apart. Greece wins the war against Turkey, is granted Cyprus by the British, annexes northern Epirus, and takes the Dodecanese from Italy. The Kurds, meanwhile, rightfully earn themselves a state and the Armenians rebuild and endure after the genocide. Russia was devastated by Germany and the civil war went on for quite a bit longer, enabling Georgian, Ukrainian, and Azerbaijani independence. Unfortunately, the French and British empires still betrayed their Arab allies and established their mandates in the Middle East.”

For this to happen, Mustafa Kemel (Ataturk) would not exist. By most accounts, he is one of the Great Men of History who almost single-handedly created the modern Turkish nation. His picture remains in a place of…

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