Bakom is a hybrid martial art that originated in Peru. Former marine and jujutsu master Roberto Puch Bezada founded Bakom in the 1980s. Bezada was also a former convict from Villa el Salvador in Lima.
Bakom is recognized as a hybrid martial art because it mixes martial arts like jujutsu with street fighting techniques. Jujutsu involves defeating an opponent without a weapon, or with a small weapon.

The street fighting smash mouth style came from the slums at the edge of Lima. Bakom required an emphasis on power, with the attacks designed to ruin an opponents balance. There is also an element of surprise and deception as fighters can use hidden, secretive weapons in battle.

What makes Bakom distinct from other combat practices is the vicious nature of the martial art. The fighting style is made to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the opponent and become too…

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