Warhammer 40K – Another Big Game Day

Steinberg Shed Space

I don’t lose horribly every time I play something.  I some times remember to take photos to prove it as well.

I got a game in on Coronasan’s industrial towers terrain table recently and managed to do quite well against his Grey Knights (along with their Inquisitorial attachment) using my trusty Death Guard forces.

Coronasan has amassed a fair sized collection of these pieces and a full table of this stuff looks nice and impressive.  Its all available through Products for Wargames as laser cut MDF kits and Coronasan has so much of it because he designed the kits in the first place.

I went for a fairly elite force with plenty of vehicles, as my infantry do not always fair well against the large number of Grey Knight psychic powers. Bunging them into transports seems like one way of both keeping them safe and getting them into the fray…

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